52 Weeks Investment Challenge

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52 Weeks Investment tracker Notion Template

Having trouble trying to save your earnings and keep spending money for unnecessary things? This template is your Answer! Easily add this template to other dashboard such as finance tracker

This template will solve your savings problem and encourage you to save and invest your money instead of spending your money blindly. Why 52 weeks to be exact? cause 52 weeks is the equivalent of 1 year and saving your own money every week. Why every week? Because from my own personal experience compared to every week, investing every month does not build your savings habit and investing every day takes a lot of time according to some people

The Importance

Looking back at the last 2 years of pandemic one of many important lessons is having an emergency fund or savings could be valuable in facing uncertain situations. Therefore, using this template not only improve your habit of saving money but also motivate you to achieve savings target you set with this template

You will need this template if:

  • You want to set a savings or Investment target for yourself
  • You are having trouble limiting your spending
  • You want to set a habit of Savings by daily
  • You want to keep track of your Investments
  • You want to know the progress of your savings
  • You want to know how many you have to save per week to reach the target by the end of the 52 weeks
  • You want to be reminded of the scheduled daily Investment

Benefit of this template:

  • Set an achieveable savings target
  • Progress of your Investment (percentage, progress bar, amount saved)
  • Reminder of daily savings
  • Track investment per instruments


Does this work on free account? Definitely! Both free and premium Notion account can duplicate and use this template

Is there any instructions on how to use this template? Yes! there is an instructions box that you can read on the template to get you going on how to use the template. Simply delete it if you already familiar with the template. Feel free to reach me out by Twitter or email me to notiondiscussion@gmail.com

Can i share this template? Unfortunately no, this is a personal license for individual use. Feel free to share this gumroad link though

I hope you enjoy this 52 weeks Investment challenge template! Connect with me by Instagram or Twitter
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52 Weeks Investment Challenge

10 ratings
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